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You are a Mmirimiwa! Like the water wading protectors of Nanyilẹ’s borders, you are able to go with the flow, however life presents it. You possess high emotional intelligence, able to identify and understand how people feel at every moment. Because of this, people find you supportive and easy to talk to. However, your laid-back nature may have people underestimating your abilities. They tend to be fooled by your nonchalant persona, unaware that when you care about someone or something, you pour your whole soul into them

Your adaptability is your strongest asset. Nothing can hold you down because of our ability to navigate new situations and environments. You might be easygoing, but also value freedom. You value self-care and relaxation, putting more energy into things that bring you peace. And who can blame you? Life has enough stressors as is.

Be sure not to conflate selflessness with being trapped. Find ways to balance being there for others and being there for yourself, as you may find that you tip towards the latter, and take time to recognize when a situation requires more of your effort.

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You've just discovered your tribe – MMIRIMIWA
But what does it mean to be a MMIRIMIWA?

MMIRIMIWA also known as ‘The Mariners’, is one of the seven tribes in our mythological fantasy series titled ‘The Ones Before’. Mmirimiwas are known for their sailing prowess and watercraft. They live on water and take pride in their duty to protect the borders of Nanyilẹ. They worship the water goddess, Fikansa, who inhabits the bodies of women, and so, are the only tribe ruled by a woman. Mmirimiwas are emotionally intelligent, able to understand what others are experiencing, and are easy going people who value the joy of life and preserving their energy. They are however also viscous on the water, and enemies making their way to Nanyilẹ have to face them before ever stepping foot on its soil.

Beyond the quiz, ‘The Ones Before’ is an epic series that transports you into the realm of Nanyilẹ, a fantasy world inspired by pre-colonial Nigerian political drama, cultural superstition and rich mythology. 

We have seen the value in having people support us on our journey to get this series out to the world. So by taking this personality quiz, you’ve not only uncovered your unique personality traits but also joined a growing family of like-minded individuals who share a passion for our project. Your support is invaluable to us as we work on this book series with the long term goal of getting a TV series made.

Our goal is to create a community where you can immerse yourself in our fictional world on a personal level. As our project continues to expand, you'll have the opportunity to engage with the captivating stories, characters, and adventures that define our universe.

Thank you for being a part of our journey and welcome to the The Ones Before family! Your participation brings us one step closer to building a strong community, each proudly identified by their fictional tribe. Keep an eye out for updates about our progress and other exciting news as we go on this journey together.

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